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Clickfunnels Review- Why You Should Not Get It Before Reading The Entire Review 
Posted on August 7th, 2017 By Nick Tsai
If you are considering subscribing to Clickfunnels then this is a must-read.

Here is why,
My name is Nick Tsai, and I have been using Clickfunnels for 14 months.
I used many platforms before (lead page, Optimizepress, and Clickfunnels)
And I will share with you why I chose to stick with Clickfunnels

So let's beginning

What is Clickfunnels
Clickfunnels is a platform founded by online marketer Russell Brunson that helps business generate leads and make sales . This platform creates a website that is a series of pages that the visitor navigates, with the end goal of purchasing a product. The intent is to build audience and reach a larger group of potential customers. The themes are professionally created and can be customized for your business using drag and drop, rather than requiring knowledge of coding.

Modules on each page can be clicked and dragged to adjust the layout and content to your preference. This makes the process user-friendly to those who aren’t familiar with coding and allows the product to appeal to more clients.
Implementing Upsell & Downsell …In Just Few Clicks
With Clickfunnels you can not only create highly converting optin page , you can also building highly converting sales page and sales funnel within few hours implementing the following marketing strategy even you knows nothing about website programing click upsell (a must have for )
2.order bomb (which can increase averge order value by 56% or more )
3.2 step credit card form
4.evergreen countdown timer
5.cart abundant recovery email sequence
Creating Your Own Membership Site & Affiliate program In A Hour
With clickfunnels you can not only create high converting sales funnel , you can also build professional membership site & affiliate program within hours , which leadpages and other platform can’t help you with.
Easily Integrated With 3red Party Apps
Third-party integrations can make a difference in visitor draw to your site. Therefore, the chance to connect to Stripe , Paypal, GetResponse, MailChimp, ClickBank, Active Campaign , Infusionsoft ,Aweber and Mad Mimi, among others, is a significant advantage to using Clickfunnels rather than comparable platform creators. If you don’t use third-party email management, then you will be thrilled to find out that Clickfunnels offers its own built-in system, designed to send a series of emails when a visitor completes a specific action. Sales will increase dramatically when you create the funnel and include this built-in follow-up system for your page.
Solid Trial And Money Back Guarantee
Another great feature of Clickfunnels, which is not available through similar platforms, is the 14-day free trial. Customers can sign up and start creating their funnel, or website, and if they aren’t happy with the options available, they can choose to cancel before they are charged. Another great option that Clickfunnels offers is the chance to get two months free when you sign up for a yearly plan, as opposed to the monthly contract option. However, this opportunity is not presented to the customer until after they have made a purchase on the website.
Drawbacks of Page Building with Clickfunnels 
There are some concerns about this platform, and those are worth noting because they can be deal-breakers for some clients. One concern is the split-testing feature, which is a turn-off to certain clients.

Also, page loading errors and bugs in the interface are part of the growing process for this platform. Some clients are not willing to work with a platform that is still adjusting and addressing errors.

The price for Clickfunnels is also a potential hurdle, since the membership options are limited to two and are higher than some competitors’ plans. The standard monthly plan is $97 with some limitations to what it can do. Clients with this plan can only create 20 funnels and have a maximum of 20,000 visitors. Meanwhile, the suite membership is $297 per month.

Some clients have no intention of creating more than 20 funnels per month, so the limitation is irrelevant. That is a personal determination for each customer and their business plans.

Ways that Leadpage Differs from Clickfunnels Reviews
Some people find that leadpage offers a straightforward, simplistic and cleaner approach to funnel creation. This, along with their 30 day money back guarantee and 20 and 30-percent off offers after a member has made a purchase make them more appealing for a funnel creation platform. An honest evaluation of clickfunnels vs leadpage will give you a better idea of what platform will better suit your needs.

Leadpage has a limited number of templates, but they seem to be updated often, which is another draw for a certain customer base. This comes down to personal preference and what you may prefer from your platform, rather a significant weight for either leadpage or Clickfunnels to sway customers to that platform.

When comparing the two services and after the involved walk through at Clickfunnels, the fact that Clickfunnels provides split testing and a greater variety of templates is a bigger draw for consumers who want to generate more leads and create a larger client base. Therefore, an overall evaluation of the two and cursory reading of Clickfunnels reviews will bring customers to Clickfunnels time after time.
Conclusion- A Must Have For Digital Marketer
When comparing the two services and after the involved walk through at Clickfunnels, the fact that Clickfunnels provides split testing and a greater variety of templates is a bigger draw for consumers who want to generate more leads and create a larger client base. Therefore, an overall evaluation of the two and cursory reading of Clickfunnels reviews will bring customers to Clickfunnels time after time.
Special Gift: Get My 6 High Converting Funnel Templates For 100% FREE
I know choosing a platform isn't an easy decision,(I have been there).

And when you just start using CF, you might need some help to get started 

So to help you move forward. I decided to give you 6 of my best converting funnel templates for 100% free

Remeber, those templates cost me near $3402 to learn from top marketers and make it to my own version, you can get it for 100% free today.

What you are going to get after signing up
Funnel 01 -Ecom Store Funnel
This funnel is model after high converting online store and optimized for conversation while add upsell to increase the order value
Funnel 02 Flash Deal Funnel
This funnel is used by Amazon gurus to rank their Amazon listing , you can drive traffic from Facebook to this funnel.
If you are selling on Amazon this template will help you boost your rank
Funnel 03 Coupon Funnel
Same as above ,but this one offer "coupon" in exchange of their email list, it's a way to build highly responsible email list
Funnel 04 Video Training Optin Funnel
This is a opt-page page for your free content that in exchange with their email address, this template is simple but work really well for me 
Funnel 05 Blog Persale Funnel
This is a "fake-blog" to per-sell your product to your customer, people used to trust blog more than squeeze page ,and this template can do the magic 
Funnel 06 Survey Funnel
This is a funnel which works really well for us, by asking question make before asking for the email address, we can increase the overall optin rate by 5% to 12%

Reviewer : Nick Tsai

Author of Book Amazon Business Kickstart And Owner Of Ecom Income Blueprint. A full-time marketer and Ecom business owner
You can contact me at
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What are you are going to get
  • Ecom Store funnel which can increase your average order value by $17 to $25
  •  Amazon rank booster which can help you rank your Amazon listing on top page in 14 days.
  • Coupon Funnel which helps you build a massive listing while breaking even and rank your Amazon or Ecom product
  •  Blog Persale Funnel which makes people trust you more before signing up, increase the conversion rate by 172%
  •  Free Video Training Funnel which can be used for your digital product, coaching service or affiliate marketing
  •  Survey funnel which is used by top guru and can increase your opt-in-rate by 7% to 12%
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